Vanessa and Hedwige met while out for a walk. They talked. They discovered that they lived a block apart in houses that were mirror images of each other’s. Over time, they talked a whole lot more and drank many cups of tea. One day they started working together and discovered that their talents were mirror images of each other’s, too.

Hedwige Jacobs was born in Singapore and lived abroad for most of her childhood before moving to the Netherlands. Vanessa Del Fabbro was born and raised in South Africa. Both found themselves living in Houston, Texas, after a few stops along the way. Hedwige has two daughters; Vanessa has three. They both like to spend time outdoors with their children. Hedwige prefers flat landscapes; Vanessa likes mountains. But they both love the beach and the two families have vacationed together. Hedwige has owned a dog just like Coco; Vanessa has not. Hedwige does yoga; Vanessa runs. They both enjoy Mexican food. Hedwige’s ideas come to her in images; Vanessa’s in strings of words. They both love tea.

Hedwige has moved back to Singapore; Vanessa no longer visits the house that is a mirror image of her own. Vanessa and her daughters now walk past it and long for their friends’ return to Houston. In the meantime, Vanessa and Hedwige “talk” by email and plot where next in the world to take their little hero, Coco.