Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our First review!!!

We received our first Blog review on our Coco goes to Rome book!!!
Thanks again Thatartsyreadergirl Blog!! check it out when you have a chance :)
Here is a glimpse:

Coco Goes to Rome is written in a fun, sing song rhyming style that I can easily see children memorizing quickly. I loved the whimsical illustrations of the familiar sights of Rome. If you look closely, you can find some little kitties hidden within them. We also get to learn the names of some of the most famous pieces of architecture. In the very back of the book is a glossary with further explanation on some elements in the book. I really love and appreciate the message of the story, which would be fun to discuss with a little one: if you’re sweet and nice to those around you, you’re more of a star than the most famous celebrity. It’s all about doing what’s right.

by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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