Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Questions Received and Answered

We have a great response with lots of people downloading the ebook!  Still two days to go for a free download, it will go to $0.99 thereafter.  If you happen to be an Amazon user, we would be thrilled if you could leave a review on amazon! It is not that hard or scary ;-)

These were some of the questions we received and thought it was a good idea to share with everyone:

Will there be a printed book version?
Yes!  That is our goal but for right now we are testing the waters with this Kindle version.  If there is sufficient response we will publish Coco on Safari on paper on demand.

I don't have a Kindle or ipad, now what?
There are various ways to read Coco in Amazon Kindle format. You don't necessary need Kindle/ipad, you can also download Coco on a Kindle app on a PC, Mac, Android phone, etc.. check out this link!

How about iBook or Nook?
We plan on bringing out a multi-platform version of the Coco ebook so you can read it natively on your ipad, nook or Sony readers.  Stay tuned and watch this blog regularly

Noticed Coco on a scooter, is Coco going to Italy next?
Let us know if you like that.  No guarantees.